Monday, August 12, 2013

Scream Around in a Cake

We don't exactly get a lot of sleep around these parts--and let me just say--sleep deprivation with a new baby is especially conducive to auto-corrects.  You're exhausted, maybe you're in a dark room, maybe you even have a screen dimmer like I do, or maybe you're just trying to get a message to the outside world while baby claws at your face/phone/hair.  No matter the circumstance, all signs point to very little attention to detail.

On this particular day, I was rushing to the dentist (late as usual) to get impressions made for a new night guard.  Yep--a new one--because the one I bought a year ago had been chewed into submission.  I think we can thank childbirth and infant reflux for that one.  Anyway, there was no time for texting, so I used voice-to-text to get hubby some very important nap time instructions.  

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