Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sharp Angry Tooth Threatens Entire Family

Baby is gnawing on everything. And everyone.  Today at lunch she chomped down on my finger hard enough to let me know that she means business. Ouch.  She's clearly uncomfortable, and I wonder how long it takes for this thing to get through already.

On a side note, I've always hated teeth. They have caused me nothing but anxiety since I was a wee one myself.  I remember having to get several teeth pulled at the dentist because I either wouldn't, or couldn't do it myself.  They would numb you, and you got to choose how: The Needle or The Gun.

Dear Pediatric Dentist, know your audience. 

One time, I refused to give up the tooth even after The Gun, and the dentist suggested strapping me down.  Thankfully, my father refused.

Teeth = Nightmares.

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