Friday, September 27, 2013

Babies R US September Bargains

I don't usually blog about bargains, but this week has been full of them so I thought I would share.

About a week ago, Babies R US sent out a flier with two coupons: one was for $10 off a purchase of $35 and the other was a $10 gift.  Not too shabby!  I received a tip on twitter that they were also offering $10 gift cards with any purchase of clothing totaling $35 or more.  The math was starting to look pretty good.

On my first trip to Babies R US, I purchased 3 Carters Layette sets at 40% off, received my $10 gift card, used my $10 gift coupon and my $10 off $35.  Score!  I was so focused on the goal, I didn't even notice that the clearance clothes were marked $3 or less.

Yes, you read that right.  All clearance clothing at Babies R US is $3 or less right now.  (This deal is excluded in the $10 gift card promotion, by the way.  Don't get greedy.)

I had stopped by today to pick up some BabyGanics products which are on sale for BOGO free.  That by itself is a pretty good deal, folks.  The most I've seen them discounted before now was BOGO half off.  Anyway, there I was stocking up on some germ fighting tools for the cold and flu season I noticed that the clearance section said $3 or less.  I started to flip through, found the marked tags to be too high, and started to wonder off when my sleep deprived mind said: "HEY! Doesn't that say ALL clearance clothes are $3 OR LESS?"  Good point, brain!  A quick trip the price check revealed that it was true: everything was ringing up $3.  This is nuts.

Flash forward 45 minutes, I am standing at the check out with clothes lining the handlebar of my stroller.  Baby is making a fun game of kicking them off one hanger at a time.  I watch the screen as each rings up.  A $40 FAO Schwarz winter coat? $3.  A set of 5 long sleeve onesies? $3.  An adorable dress and bloomers? $3.  You are noticing a pattern, aren't you?  My husband noticed one too as I unloaded one outfit after another and quoted him both the full price and the sales price.  You forgot didn't you?  THREE DOLLARS!

So there you have it, my dear mommy friends.  Check out Babies R US to get some great deals on clothing, including winter coats, giant snow suits, swim suits, onesies, dresses, you know... whatever.

Happy Shopping.

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