Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Squashgiving Day

I'm feeling confident from our carrot win, and it's onto the next food. Squash.

Hubby pureed some squash Monday night, and I presented it to Baby yesterday morning. When I removed the container from the fridge, I was taken back by Joe watery it was.  I even called hubby to make sure I was grabbing the right one.  He admitted to adding water out of habit from the carrots.  Hmm, well, it's awfully soupy, but I'll give it a go.

Baby was as skeptical as can be as the spoon closed in, but my very convincing airplane noises persuaded her to give it a try.  The small bite was followed by gagging. Lots of it. I apologized profusely.  Her response looked awful. I almost starting gagging too!

I thought perhaps it was the taste, so I add just a little breast milk to see if that would help.  The airplane did NOT receive permission to land. It took much coaxing and a little bit of trickery, but I got another half a spoon in. Queue Gag Fest--so many times I was pleading with her not to vomit. Yeah, I totally kept my cool.

I was admittedly bummed. I love squash. I had such high hopes. How would we trial it if she won't even eat it! So, that night we discussed trying it again with a thicker consistency or moving on.  We decided to try it once more; it would be a squashy Thanksgiving morning for this Baby.

This time around, he cut out much of ghee middle, used bigger chunks, and no water. Perfecto.  I showed Baby the spoon, and we rowed the squash boat on over.  She psyched me out a few times, but finally took a bite. I braced myself, but... she loved it! High fives all around!

So, this morning I fed my daughter two vegetables for the first time ever. I was so happy I cold hardly stand it.  I kept trying to reel it in, not get my hopes up, but they are flying high despite my  best efforts.

Now, we wait.  Again.  And, honestly, this has been a horrible morning nap, so the anxiety is already flooding in.  I keep telling myself that she hasn't sleep well in a while, though usually at night, and praying it's not the carrots or the squash.  But, the sleep whimpers are hard to ignore.  Cross your fingers.

Deliciousness Score: Carrots > Oatmeal > Sweet Potatoes > Bananas > Avocado > Squash
Reflux Score: B
Gastro Misc. Score: B

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