Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Texas Two Step

Today was a remarkable day.

The last two weeks have been full of fuss.  So very much fuss.  Fuss because she went to bed too early, and fuss because she went to bed too late.  Fuss because she slept too long (rare), fuss because she didn't sleep long enough.  Fuss because I left the room, fuss because she wants to leave the room.  You name it, she fussed it.

I suspected it was because she seemed to be teething pretty hardcore, but time kept passing and I could feel nothing in the way of new teeth.  Several days ago, bad sleep went to worse, and I told myself I could feel a bump where her top right tooth would be, but I wasn't sure.  I wasn't sure the teething would ever end. I started to wonder... why is it taking so long?  Why is it always SO hard?  And then... yesterday morning I felt a tooth!  I wasn't feeling far enough forward, I don't think, or maybe it had just come along... but there it was.  Relief rushed over me... my daughter was going to have more than two teeth afterall!  And maybe someday, she would feel comfortable again.  WHEW.

Last night started off rough, but ended with a decent stretch of sleep.  When we woke up, I found the hints of TWO top teeth.  I suspected it might work like this, the bottom teeth came in holding hands too.  I was so glad she got some rest, and MY GOODNESS, if someone didn't replace my Fuss-O-Matic 2000 with the sweet, happy Baby of yesterweeks.  She was smiling, playing on her own, just happily moving about the room while I fixed our breakfast.


After breakfast, we were sitting in the floor playing together.  Baby looked at me and stood up as if she had been standing up on her own for weeks.  She smiled at me.  I cheered her on and clapped; she was all too happy to join in.  And then she walked.  One step.  Two step.  Into my arms she went!  I cheered, she squealed.  I held her high, then brought her in low and kissed her forehead.  She laughed and laughed and laughed.  I LOVE seeing her proud of herself.  We played this game for a while, she would step to me, step to the table, step to her exersaucer.  We cheered, we laughed, we clapped and clapped.  And just like that, after months of practicing, she was beginning her walking journey.

It was absolutely thrilling to behold.  Too thrilling to grab a camera or try to snap a picture.  Just too thrilling to do anything but soak in every single second, and hope that I can remember it forever.  This baby is remarkable.  Watching her grow is the single most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.

Hubby came home, and Baby was coaxed into showing off her stepping skills.  She stepped to me, then to him, back to me, and then to the table.  "Looks like we are done walking," Hubby chuckled.  Baby smiled and popped her hip out to the side.

Done walking for the moment, but the dance party had only yet to begin.

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