Monday, November 25, 2013

Wiggle Wiggle

This baby is a dancing machine.  Sometimes, she says seated and wiggles on the floor.  Sometimes, she stands up and pops her hips from side to side.  If there is music, she's dancing.  If there's clapping, she's dancing.  Sometimes, she dances when she's angry, but she doesn't seem to appreciate the laughter it generates.

The last few nights have been teething terrible.  We spend the first half of the night trading off baby cuddles until she can get comfortable enough to sleep.  She wakes up SCREAMING in pain, and in we go to pick her up and hold her close.  If ever I wondered if we were doing enough, if this was helping at all, my doubts are answered by a quiet little wiggle dance on my chest as she snuggles in and holds me close.

It's hard to be angry, it's hard to be frustrated by this tiny little dancer.  But in all honesty, I am very tired and a little touched out.  The dancing is much cuter, much sweeter, and much funnier in the morning.

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