Sunday, February 2, 2014

One Year

It may have taken me nearly two months to finally get this post put together.  I was not prepared for how busy the holidays would get with our new family birthday.  I was also not prepared for the sleep disaster that 10 - 13 months held for us.  But, here we are none the less.  Slowly but surely, I will catch up.  Here is the letter I wrote to my daughter on her first birthday.
Dear Baby,

It's your First Birthday today.  You woke up a little early, but you sweetly snuggled on your Daddy's chest and went back to sleep for two more hours.  When you woke up, we did your medicine, and then we all cuddled in bed and read "Happy Birthday, Pookie!" by Sandra Boynton.  I brought your brush to the bed, and you started to brush your hair for the first time!  We played in bed for the next half hour until you could eat, and then you happily nursed.  It was time to start the day!

Your Daddy dropped the dogs off at doggy daycare so they could play with other dogs while we had your party.  After he left, we sat down to have breakfast together.  I was trying to get everything ready for the party, so I didn't actually eat with you, but I gave you some carrot chunks to feed yourself, along with some carrot puree.  You were so happy, you did a little carrot dance after each bite.  Toward the end of the meal, you started to get sleepy.  You rested your head on your highchair tray, and you smiled when I said "Aww, sleepy girl!" Your Daddy returned, and it was time for your nap.

You nursed again, and then cuddled on the bed with your dad while I frantically cleaned up and tried to get ready for the party.  My party helpers were running late, so I felt panicked!  I cleaned up while texting friends to see who could help me get everything done in 2 hours.  You did not want to nap and woke up early.  The whole schedule was off, so we did your medicine early, and you played with your Grandpas while your Daddy and I decorated.

You thought the pom poms and birthday banner were so cool!  You kept smiling and looking at them.  We made those just for you, Baby Girl.

These will go in your room someday... when I have spare time.  So, maybe for your sweet 16.

I tried to get everything done, but I just couldn't.  Soon people were arriving, and I wasn't even dressed for the party.  You and I went into the bedroom so you could nurse again.  Afterwards, we both got dressed, and re-entered the living room to a house full of people!  The streamers weren't up, the camera wasn't ready, but we just had to go with the flow.  You came with me to check on the punch and cookies, both made especially for your Rubber Ducky First Birthday Party.

I spent all week making duck shaped ice from a 6 piece tray, and we forgot them!  

Not bad for my first attempt at making / icing cookies, eh?  These were dairy and soy free so I could eat some.  I wish you could have eaten some too!

You were so excited to see everyone, but you were also a little wary of all the new faces and noises.  I held you close and waited until you were ready.  When you saw another baby, just a month younger than you, you smiled and said, "Hi Baby!"

You wanted to go play, so I set you down and went into the kitchen to help set out the food for our guests.  You were watching the other children play, but I could tell you were a little worried.  You started to cry, so I joined you on the floor, and we got to meet the other children together.  That's when you spotted the gifts and started pulling tissue paper out of the bags.  "Apparently, it's gift time!" I announced to our friends.

You were so happy with the first gift, you didn't need to see anything else.  I think that's wonderful, Baby, but I'm sure you will outgrow the feeling quickly!  I showed you the other gifts, and you loved each of them. You were very considerate and reviewed each birthday card thoroughly before opening the presents.  It took us a long time, but we opened them all.  You were practically buried in a pile of toys!  It was then you realized that I was sneaking guacamole and chips behind your back.  You were outraged and requested a taste immediately.  I wish I could have shared my food with you, sweet girl.  I would have loved to do that.  I put the snacks way, and we played on the floor until you wandered off.  I went to visit with our guests and eat something.

You were long overdue for your nap, but you were so happy the entire party!  You smiled at our friends and told them all sorts of stories.  You walked, and you rode around in people's arms.  As you started to get tired, you got a little sleep delirious.  Baby, you are especially cute when you are sleep crazy--as long as mommy is holding you!  You leaned waaaay back in my arms, chewed on a Little People, and sang songs.

Everyone cleared out slowly but surely, and you and I went to take a nap. You fell asleep nursing, and I was so happy for the quiet, peaceful cuddles.  The entire day was a blur, but that seems apt considering that just a year ago we were living a blur of action that resulted in the peace and quiet of you sleeping on my chest.  You have grown so big, so fast.  I can hardly believe how amazing you are.  I wish I could freeze time right this second, but then again... I can't wait to see what you do next.  Watching you learn how the world works, especially how to communicate, is so fascinating.  Your Daddy and I are so very proud of you.  We talk about how lucky we are, how unbelievable you are, on a daily basis.

We love you, Baby Girl, and we loved this wonderful celebration of the first year of the most amazing time in our lives.


Pinterest Rubby Ducky Party Inspiration Board
Happy Birthday Banner - DIY with the Cricut Expression.  Pink tulle pom poms in between each letter.
Mama and Baby Duckies - Dollar Store, set of 3 for $1.
Pom Poms - Martha Stewart Kit of  5 DIY Pom Poms (cheaper here than the arts & crafts store, even)
Duck Cookies - DIY dairy and soy free cookies from this recipe (Earth Balance Soy Free substitute) and Royal Icing from this recipe.
Duck Punch - Recipe here (very sweet, use caution with that sugar)
Straw Favor Cups - A set of a dozen found here.
Birthday Hat - DIY for shape and foundation here.  Number cut with cricut.
Melissa & Doug Birthday Cake - Perfect "safe" cake for Baby, and a favorite toy still!  Found here.
Favor Bags (not pictured, oops) - Birthday Rubber Duckies, Rubber Ducky Soaps, and Bath Crayons from Fleur de Suds.

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