Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Due to Baby's history of reflux, mspi (milk soy protein intolerance),  and a variety of other tummy troubles, we have been very slow introducing solids.  As in she's-eight-months-old-and-has-tried-two-things slow.  She loves oatmeal, and she clamped shut after one spoon of avocado.  I'll admit, her refusal of avocado surprised me; the stuff practically runs through my veins.  Anyway, this morning we finally introduced bananas.

I should have known that entering the dining room singing "Hollaback Girl" might set the stage for disappointment.  She took the first few bites with a perplexed enthusiasm for eating in general. Subsequent bites were followed by the look one might get after downing a shot of cheap tequila.  Quickly her interest in eating the bananas waned, and the meal was over.

Deliciousness Score: Oatmeal > Bananas > Avocado

Reflux Score: Big Fat F.

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