Monday, August 19, 2013

Professional Crawler

Do you have an ottoman that you just keep meaning to clear off? Perhaps there is a spec of dirt in your carpet that needs examining, or some laundry you just can't find the time to tip over?  Then Crawling Baby is just for you!

In one short week, Crawling Baby can go from awkward, angry crawling to efficient crawling with unmatched determination.  Imagine a Roomba that remembers the exact spot of the room it was in when you decided to move it, and despite all obstacles, returns to that spot over and over again. That's your very own Crawling Baby.

Aww, look at Crawling Baby; She's trying to pick that tiny spec of debris up off the floor!  What are you doing, adorable Detail Baby? Wait... NO DON'T EAT WHATEVER THAT IS!

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