Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Downward Don't

Baby is working on her second bottom tooth now.  

Somewhere between teething, wonder weeks, and reflux, she has become an extremely dramatic little baby.  The scream you hear when she falls and bumps her head is the same scream you hear when you lay her down for a diaper change.  I first suspected an ear infection might be lurking, but there are plenty of times where she's playing on her back and seems completely fine.  I think she is just hurting and working on a lot of milestones all at once.  It's just too much emotional data for one little baby to process.  I try to re-assure her.  I try to distracted her.  And I try to keep the dressing and undressing of Baby to a minimum.

In related news, nursing a teething, mobile baby has not been without its challenges.  She must practice standing and walking at all times.  Her favorite position requires both legs to be extended and her butt high up in the air--downward dog, if you will.  As cute as this may be, it couldn't possibly be worse for her reflux.  And the balancing act plus teeth is not doing this mama any favors either.  But I can't help but laugh at her new After Meal Ritual: she unlatches and shifts her weight back until she is standing on the bed.  She teeters there, a perfect example of baby balance and strength, grinning, huffing, snorting, giggling at her newfound skill.  She reminds me of Popeye after he downs a can of spinach. Her tummy is full and anything is possible.

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