Friday, September 27, 2013


It has been over a month since we tried out a new solid with Baby.  The infamous Banana did nothing for my motivation to introduce Baby to new foods, and it all but killed my sense of culinary adventure.  To make matters worse, we recently spoke with a new GI that suggested even the oatmeal could be bothering her tummy. That knocked my mom-fidence down to zero, and mealtime down to once a day.

Thinking back to when I previously attempted to feed Baby avocado, I determined that she had eaten enough of it that we would have seen a reaction if one was going to present itself.  I started to feel brave enough to give the 'ol avocado another chance.  So, this morning I fixed her oatmeal up as usual, but I also mashed up some avocado.  I cut a few small pieces up to let her squish around on the off chance she might even want to attempt some finger foods.

The first bite was met with a suspicious squint.  The reaction slowly evolved to dislike, and the last bite I offered her ended with what can only be described as a pre-vomit face.  I decided to quit while I was ahead.  I gave her the pieces of avocado to examine, which she found intriguing but did not attempt to eat.  We continued with oatmeal.  She probably ate about a tablespoon of the avocado, which is what the GI recommended for new foods.  

Deep breath.  Here we go.  Universe, please be gentle.

Deliciousness Score: Oatmeal > Bananas > Avocado
Reflux Score: D

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