Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Live Now, Laugh Later

It was a rough week that bled into a rough weekend, and that bled into another rough week.  As I mentioned yesterday, my mom's birthday is always a rough time for me.  In additional to all this emotional tension, Hubby has been working non-stop--late into the evenings and all weekend as well.  I've been mom'ing full-time without many breaks and what would have normally been a challenge felt like nothing short of impossible during this time of the year.  The isolation and exhaustion was exceptionally daunting on my heavy heart.

Perhaps Baby suspected my fragility, and that's why she woke up every 45 minutes last night.


In reality, I think that she just doesn't sleep well when she doesn't get to see her daddy.  And as sweet as that is... please go to sleep now.

I'm happy to announce that we are officially on the other side of this Work-a-Thon, and hopefully we will get a bit of a break before the next one.  Now that things have calmed down a little bit, I've had a chance to go back and visit the fruits of our sleep deprived conversations.

This Saturday in particular, I was feeling extra defeated and extra exhausted.  Hubby was texting with me while he worked, helping me try to piece together a dinner plan.

And, of course, my voice-to-text was no less forgiving on the way out of Chipotle.  Here is the tweet you almost saw on your feed.

Here is the tweet you did see.

The next day was less eventful in terms of auto-corrects... right up until I was desperately trying to get the baby to go to bed without daddy... again. 

You can bet all that laughter had Baby's eyes cracking open to asses the scene.  Oh well, totally worth it for a little levity after a long week.

Both Baby and I are grateful and excited to have our favorite man back at the house. It is amazing how much I depend on those little breaks throughout the evening to keep myself balanced and sane. Sane-ish.

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