Friday, September 13, 2013

New Toy of The Day

I feel like I should start a segment here that is called "Baby's New Toy of the Day."  And, as you might have suspected, it is rarely anything that is sanctioned for baby use.  Yesterday, the popular item was a Kohl's Survey receipt that baby pulled off of the couch.  She promptly stuffed the whole thing into her mouth.


So I'm adding receipts to the list of things that I need to be more careful with.

Today, it was the stack of DVD boxes and loose DVDs sitting on top of the TV stand.  At first, the boxes were perplexing books that mommy was hoarding and seemed to have no pages.  But her eyes really lit up when she stumbled upon the lose DVDs. She sat there, mesmerized, as she turned them left and right, holding one hand in front of the DVD as she tried to catch the light.  Being the clever mom that I am, I took these away before she tried to get them in her mouth.

Previous Toys of the Day include:
Camera charger plugged into the wall (Tsk Tsk, I know.  It is now gone and both plugs are baby proofed.)
Straw out of my water glass
Capris (Yes, I am 4 years old.  No, you never really have all the juice out of those things.)
Straw wrapper from my Capris (Another item added to the list of extra attention.)
I know this list is much longer, but I'm too tired to remember anything beyond the previous 48 hours.
What unintentional toy is your baby's favorite way to pass the time?

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