Thursday, September 5, 2013

Not Even Close

I'm not surprised to report that there was no Magic Sleeping Baby repeat performance last night.  Sleeping Baby visited a few times, but was quickly replaced by Diaper Leaked Baby, who showed up demanding a middle of the night wardrobe change and fresh linens.  Diva.  I suppose our compliance was not up to her standards, which she expressed in the form of relentless pinching.

During the following Baby Party, I made myself a reminder for today's blog post.  It proved to be less helpful than I anticipated. 

I really have no idea what Antwerp has to do with anything, but I'm fairly certain that the last line declared our previous sleep success "a big fat sleep lie." A big fat sleep lie to get our hopes up so that they could be stomped into submission like Sophie the Giraffe. Though, I've got to admit, this Donohue fellow sounds intriguing.  Who knew Sophie had a gentleman caller?

I also sent Hubby this gem:

Which I actually remember reading back and thinking "nailed it!"  It wasn't until I received his reply that I thought to go back and witness the wreckage myself.  I believe I was directing him to order Huggies Over Nights, one size up, and also get a sippy cup.  But who knows for sure? I rubbish urban yes.

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