Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shut Up and Eat

This weekend has been a bit of a rough ride.  Baby and I were finally starting to get over this cold, when Hubby traded in his cold for a stomach bug.  Then Baby traded in her cough for hardcore teething.  And this mama traded her cold in for pure, unadulterated exhaustion.

Sometimes when you have a rough few days / weeks / months, you just want to sit down and eat a nice meal.  You want to cut into some delicious comfort food that tells you everything is going to be A-OK via your full, happy tummy.  But, when your baby has a milk soy protein allergy, that's not very easy.  If you're me, comfort food involves cheese.  It involves chocolate and cookies and all sorts of soy ridden junk food.  And that is why, after an exhausting 2 hour attempt to get baby to bed, I'm sitting down on the couch with a plate full of bacon.


The days have been long, the nights have been short, and this plate of crispy bacon is telling me that if I eat just one more piece, everything will be fine.  Why, I don't mind if I do...

Hubby is sitting nearby trying to explain to me that if I eat all the bacon, I will most assuredly get sick, but all I can hear is crunch.



PS If you need a great, easy way to fix excellently crispy bacon, look no further.

If you know of a dairy-free, soy-free indulgence that is less likely to make me vomit, please--for the love of god--leave your suggestion below.  My stomach will thank you.

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