Monday, September 30, 2013

There Goes the Neighborhood

My dogs are annoying.  For that reason, I have a sign on my front door that pleads with the postal workers to leave our packages at the door without notifying us.  And, as big fans of Amazon Prime, boxes are frequently arriving with this baby supply or that.  Frankly, the only time they used to knock was when I had just gotten baby to sleep.  If I was actually waiting on a package, they would leave it without a word.  Or leave one of those horrible "we tried to deliver this package today, but you were gone, so we'll be back again later, and we probably wont knock then either" notes.  So the sign went up and has been successfully saving naps one delivery at a time for a few weeks now.

Today I opened the door to find this:

I laughed out loud, looking up and down the street as if it was some kind of prank.  What was this suppose to accomplish?  And why?

I picked up the box and saw that it was Baby's Healthy Times Oatmeal Cereal.  Hubby ordered it online because we are having such a hard time finding it in the stores here.  And that's when I noticed the website's name printed on the box:

That sound kind of shady.  Wait... does our postman think that we are trafficking drugs?  I couldn't stop laughing.  Is he trying to hide our stash under the welcome mat so that our neighbors don't see?  This is just great.  Every morning and night we are in the kitchen with a pile of white powder that we are splitting into packets because our health insurance won't cover the exact dosage and number of packets that Baby needs for her reflux medications, and now we are receiving suspicious, albeit very carefully hidden, packages on our front porch.  We might as well put a sign up that reads "Mr. & Mrs. Shakes Drug Emporium."

That's a terribly appropriate name for a Drug Emporium.

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