Saturday, November 16, 2013

Carrot O' Clock

We started carrots today.  But first, let's rewind to last week...

I've mentioned before that we order Baby's oatmeal online.  Her portions have been slowly increasing, and before we realized it, we were out of oatmeal!  I felt horrible.  I called all the Whole Foods in the area, but no one had any in stock.  We had no choice but to skip solids for a few days.  There was so much mom guilt, but I reminded myself that she really is getting everything she needs from breast milk.  I hid in the dining room to eat alone, and I did my best to keep her distracted at meal times so she didn't miss it.  We stayed busy, and she really didn't seem to mind.

The oatmeal arrived on our door step (not hidden under the mat this time), and I was excited to share our mealtimes again.  I started to feed her, and she started to rasp.  I searched my memory and realized she hadn't rasped at all during the last few solid-free days.  I grew suspicious.  We gave it one more day, but when she rasped again at breakfast, I panicked and took her off of the oatmeal again.

That was the beginning of a serious solids stress fest.  Everything I had known was false.  Was the oatmeal causing other reactions to be worse?  What did I do now?  Start her on barley?  Brown rice?  Try another veggie?  I had no idea.  So an entire week crawled without feeding her solids.  She was fine with it, but I was not.  I don't think I can cope with her turning A YEAR OLD and not being able to eat a single solid food.

That brings us to today.  Hubby and I decided to try her on a new veggie first and see how she does.  After that, we will try to get her back on a cereal since, if nothing else, it was at least the most success solid we have had so far.  So, carrots it was.

We started with a tablespoon again.  She rasped again at breakfast, but only after choking on her milk.  Maybe it's a fluke, but I don't have a good feeling about it.  She sure seemed like she was trying to spit up a few times today.  We will increase the amount tomorrow and see what happens.  Cross some fingers that I'm just being paranoid.

We could really use a tally in the win column.

Deliciousness Score: Carrots > Oatmeal > Sweet PotatoesBananas > Avocado
Reflux Score: B
Gastro Misc. Score: A

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