Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Not So Sweet Potatoes

The Battle to Feed Baby Solids Continues.

Last week we tried Sweet Potatoes.  Baby made a bit of a face with the first bite, and though she looked doubtful, quickly ate the rest.  Day 1 passed by without incident.  Day 2 there was some slight rasping and one hiccup incident.  I started to get nervous, but I pressed on.  The slight rasping and very occasional hiccups continued on to Day 4, at which point she was not sleeping very well.  I decided to give it a rest.  She was only getting about a tablespoon of the potatoes (as per our GI), and I just didn't want to continue down that path if the signs were starting to accelerate.  I lost all my bravery in the War of Reflux 2013 (ongoing).

At this point, I was ready to score Sweet Potatoes a B and possibly try them again in the future.

But then, the dirty diapers, which had slowly been increasing in density, stopped all together.  She gave it her best effort, but the end result was always the same: lots of baby tears and barely anything to speak of.  It was so sad to see her struggle.  One day turned into four days, and once again we were trapped in the ramifications of trying a new food--only they were not the consequences I had anticipated.  Easily enough, all other reflux symptoms--as mild as they had been--had subsided when we stopped the potatoes.  So there was that, at least.  Finally, on Day 5, she had a big diaper.  Then nothing again.  Now another diaper... so we are slowly getting back to normal.

Sigh.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  Never would I have thought I would have such a disdain for solid food.   I was at a birthday party for a 1 year old over the weekend, and watching that baby eat bits of turkey, roast beef, grapes, and CHEESE was heart breaking for me.  I felt so sad that my daughter will be 1 soon, and she is still eating mush--one flavor of mush, at that!

I want her to have fun eating.  I want her to have finger foods.  And smash cakes.  And culinary excitement!  Someday...

Deliciousness Score: Oatmeal > Sweet Potatoes > Bananas > Avocado
Reflux Score: B
new! Gastro Misc. Score: C

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