Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's Up, Doc?

I'm excited to say that not only does my daughter like carrots, they seem to like her as well!  Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our very first official pass!

And the longer she's on carrots and off of oatmeal, the more I start to wonder about symptoms that I might have been missing that whole time.  Her diapers are more normal in all characteristics now.  The rasping is limited.  The hiccups occurred only once.  I'm starting to think that isolated cases of hiccups may be a result of new foods, period.  However, with avocado, they were relentless.  So, <adjusts glasses> I'm learning the difference between "normal" behavior and symptoms.  And the only symptom I'm spotting with carrots are some wet burps, almost like swallowing down spit up, but they are infrequent, and so I'm hoping we can continue to move forward.  The big unknown is how it's affecting her sleep, because frankly, she hasn't slept well since these top two teeth starting moving in.  Oy.

Frankly, mealtime has just been nicer.  Now, she dances with each bite, leans in for more, and is generally happy right up until she's done and ready to move onto her next task.  She's a busy girl with a full schedule, don't you know?  No time for dallying.

What a relief.  We really need a win.  I know you know it.

Deliciousness Score: Carrots > Oatmeal > Sweet Potatoes > Bananas > Avocado
Reflux Score: B
Gastro Misc. Score: A

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