Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A-PEAR-antly NOT

First, an update on our Squash trial:  For the first 5 days, Baby LOVED squash.  And then... she hated it.  She has refused to eat it since.  Sigh.  That was a short lived victory.

So, we decided to move onto pear.  We aren't really scheduled to start fruits yet, but we hoped that if we could get ONE food to help with her constipation, we would have more luck with solids.  For example, she liked sweet potatoes, but they stopped all diapers for a week.

On Day 1, she ate a few bites.  That evening she was a little fussy and spit up.  The next day it was a struggle to get her to eat any pears at all.  She was cranky all day long, slept horribly, and started hiccuping.  We ended the day with the red ring of doom (allergy ring).  It was so intense and painful looking, I felt horrible.  So that was absolutely it for pears.  It took about 5 days for all the reflux ramifications to work their way through.

BOOOO.  Just a couple of weeks ago I felt on top of the world.  She was eating TWO veggies.  And now, she is back on just one food, and she's skeptical of everything I present to her that is not a carrot.  Crushed is a good description of my hopes.

Deliciousness Score: Carrots > Oatmeal > Sweet Potatoes > Pears > Bananas > Avocado > Squash
Reflux Score: F
Gastro Misc. Score: F

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