Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Wonderful Week

I have been aching to get over here and write, but the past week has been incredibly busy in every possible way.  Every morning I wake up and think "Oh, I want to write about ____ today!" and every night I got to bed thinking "I really want to write about ____, but I also really need to sleep."  Tonight, I am just going for it in one big post.

What timing, the baby literally started screaming as I hit enter.  I'm back, and I'm going to finish this post, come hell or high water!  DO YOU HEAR ME BABY?!

Last week Baby officially started walking full-time.  She squeezed in a lot of practice holding onto Grandpa's hand that Thanksgiving Day, and there ain't no stoppin' her now.  Saturday she crossed the living room on her own, and I couldn't hardly believe it!  Sunday, she was standing up on her own.  Monday, she had officially chosen walking as her preferred method of transit.  And it didn't matter how many times she had to get back up, she would absolutely get from point A to point B on those tiny little feet of hers.  Baby was tickled to death by her progress, by the way.  She would walk across the room laughing so hard that sometimes she fell over.  Crawling is for losers now-a-days.  Of course, she's hardly falling over at all anymore.  She's stepping over the ridge on the baby gate, carrying her toys with her, practically running!  It's crazy to think it's only been a week!  It feels like forever, but then again, I haven't gotten much sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I wonder if it will ever come back.  I don't need much of it, but I will be needing more than an hour and a half.  I think it all started about a month ago when those top teeth started coming in, and then the two teeth next to them decided to come along, and... well... yawn.  Mama is tired.  I think the top left lateral incisor is about to break through.  So then just the right one.. then the molars.. and well, just forget it.  Teeth.  I don't think anyone prepared me for how much they suck.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the lack of sleep, she is clearly working on a LOT, including communication!  I'm noticing her respond to more and more words these days.  When I ask her if she wants out, she throws her arms up in the arm.  When I ask her if she's ready for her bath, she takes my hand and walks to the bathroom with me. "Milk" and "eat" have been hot button words around here for a while, but now she's coming around the corner when she hears me say or sees me sign "carrots."  Every time it happens I think, wait... am I imagining this?!  And then it happens again.  We are communicating, folks!  By far one fo the coolest moments was two days ago when I asked her if she was done nursing.  She signed her own little version of "all done."  I wasn't 100% sure it was intentional, but then she did it again... and again... and holy moly, that was mind blowing.  It's one of my favorite questions to ask her now, and she gets such a big smile on her face when she responds.

Speaking of smiles, she has a new one these days.  It's like a polite smile, maybe?  When her teeth really hurt, it's more like a grimace.  It's not her genuinely happy smile... it's almost as if she's learning how to consciously smile.  It's pretty darn cute, but those sad grimace smiles just kill me.  Poor thing.  And when her teeth really hurt... she starts grinding them.  Which is a sound and sensation that makes my skin crawl.  I try not to react, but it's nearly impossible.  Usually I have to walk away.  Or I'll start singing or dancing or doing anything at all that might distract her.  Do they make baby mouth guards?  I'm just asking for a friend...

I know I'm forgetting a lot, but it's now 1AM, and I have got to go to bed.  We've got a ONE YEAR birthday party this weekend, and between "Heck No, We Won't Sleep!" Baby and party prep, I'm getting maybe three hours of sleep a night.  And don't you even think for a second that I mean three hours in a row.

C'mon, son.

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