Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Does the Dog Say?

One of our dogs is a real barker.  When he gets going you're sure to be in for a good half hour of barking unless you shut him down.  Usually, I would accomplish this with a loud, stern "no barking!"  It worked at least half the time.  But, last week, I noticed Baby going over to the dog and doing this short, burst style, yell thing.  It was unbelievably cute.  But, I realized I was going to have to start watching my behavior more closely.

A few days ago when Hubby got home from work, the dog really went nuts.  We had just gotten up from a nap, and for some reason, I sent a loud "SSSHHH!" his direction.  It didn't really work, but I tried again.  Eventually, he calmed down.  The next morning, when the dog started barking at Waste Management, Baby rushed over with a "Sshh! Sshh! Sshh!"  The dog had no idea what to think of this.  He stopped barking and looked at me.

Baby is now quick to keep him in line.  The novelty has worn off for the dog, so he rarely stops whatever ruckus he is causing, but it sure is cute.

Today, Baby handed me a bib with two cartoon dogs on it. I said, "Dog. Ruff! Ruff!"

Baby replied, "Sshh! Sshh! Sshh!"


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