Friday, May 16, 2014

Chasing Chapstick

Sing a song of chapstick,
on a nightstand in my bedroom.
What once was there
is now nowhere;
Replaced by a 1/4 t measuring spoon.

Where could it be?
I started to look
in this corner... behind that book...
Really, I don't know why I bother.
This is life with a toddler

Monday, May 12, 2014

Well, I asked for it.

Baby: "Milk?"
Me: "Milk?"
Baby: "Peas." (Please)
Me: "What do I look like, a cow?"
Baby: "Moo."

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


So, I still have 20 unfinished drafts of stories I wanted to share with you.  And the Breastfeeding Saga goes unfinished.  But, things in our lives only continue to become more hectic, and I find that I need to embrace this space as a work in progress.  I can't keep not posting because I wanted to post something else first or worrying that I'm going ridiculously out of order.  I can't keep seeing these drafts as obligations rather than opportunities.  They should stop being "unfinished work" and start being writing prompts--inspiration for sometime in the future when I find myself with enough time to write that maybe, just maybe, I don't have a back log of a million things I wanted to say.

But, right now, without any further summary or attempt to explain the last several months of our lives, I just have a story I want to share.

When Hubby gets home in the evening, I always try to share with him the amazing and/or funny things that Baby did throughout the day.  And sometimes maybe even the challenges and mischief too.  Today, I started off my story:

"While I was getting lunch together this afternoon, she walked over to Mount St. Laundry, picked up a bib, and put it around her neck like a cape.  She closed..."

Baby walks over next to me, picks up a bib, and put's it around her neck as if to say "Like this, daddy."

My mouth falls open.  Wait, what!  I absentmindedly finished the story:

"She closed the velcro, and then she opened it, over and over again. She looked like the world's cutest super hero.  I can't believe she just... whoa."

Only this bib has a pocket, and now it's stuck on her head like a hat.  It's even cuter than before.

It is crazy, these little moments in your day that reveal the full extent to which your toddler understands what you are saying.  They feel like magic to me each and every single time.  Super hero magic.