Friday, September 26, 2014


Sweet Pea aka Toddler is extremely fond of drawing.  Matter of fact, I was recently stressing over what on earth I would do for an upcoming two hour flight, just her and I.  I bought toys, packed a back pack full of distractions, and we never even made it past the crayons.  It was two hours of giggles and drawing, and it was great.  I can only imagine that the gentleman sitting next to us, however, walked off the plane in a daze repeating the same phrase over and over again while trembling and weeping.  "Wanna draw a kitty cat.  Wanna draw a kitty cat.  WANNA DRAW A KITTY CAT?!"  Oops.

A couple of days ago, Sweet Pea and I were enjoying some only mildly horrible Texas weather while playing with chalk, another big crowd pleaser.  As you can imagine, I had the pleasure of drawing a Kitty Cat, a Big Kitty Cat, a Little Kitty Cat, a Mommy Kitty Cat, a Baby Kitty Cat, and the always popular Another Kitty Cat.  Here is the conversation that followed half an hour of Chalk Kitty-Cat-A-Palooza.

Toddler: "Wanna draw kitty cat."
Me: "We just drew that. What else?"
Toddler: "Hot air balloon."
Me: "We have 2 of those. What else can we draw?"
Toddler: "Milk."
Me: "...What?"
Toddler: "Wanna draw milk."
Me: Blink. Blink.  Picks up a piece of chalk and draws Another Kitty Cat.

The requests keep coming, and, so far, I've managed to distract my way out of that commission.  BUT, if you're out walking and happen to come across a sidewalk covered in chalk boobs, you might want to think twice before you point the finger at those suspicious little boys across the street.

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