Friday, December 18, 2015

A Christmas Wish

Though my toddler rarely takes naps anymore, on busy days I do try to lie down with her for a break anyway. I secretly hope that she'll fall asleep because she looks so tired, while secretly hoping that she doesn't because I can kiss her early, easy-ish bedtime goodbye.

This morning we had "played football" and she had played with a friend... The need for a break seemed obvious. We usually play this game right before we lie down. She pretends to be a dinosaur and chases me to the bedroom where she hurries to get ready so she can beat me to bed. And so, after she chased me to the bedroom, I said the same thing I always say:

Me: "Let's go brush our teeth."
Toddler: "No thanks."
Me: "Okay, I'm going to brush my teeth and use the potty."
Toddler: "Can you say 'I hope there's no...'"
Me: "I hoooope there's no dinosaurs in my bed!"
Toddler: "No. I'm not a dinosaur." She says quietly.
Me: "Oh no, what are you?" I whisper.
Toddler: "A quarterback." She whispers back.
Me: "A what?"
Toddler: "A quarterback!" she cheers, bouncing up and down, waiting for me to say the magic words.
"Oh. Okay. I hoooope there are no... quarterbacks... in my bed?"
She giggles and runs to get ready.
I'm still standing here laughing.
She wins the race.

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